The Observer Dog

Few weeks ago I passed my sketchbook around at one of the parties and got it back with a few really nasty sketches. It felt terrible. I started to wonder if the whole idea makes any sense at all.

Now I met a group of friends I hadn’t seen for ages and they asked me where is my rainbow sketchbook. One girl said I inspired her to buy her own set of rainbow crayons. The other wanted to draw something for my blog. I was sorry to admit I had nothing to draw.

Maybe I gave up a little bit too early. After all, the first few dozen sketches I got from people were actually very nice.

Suddenly a new sketchbook found me at a TKMaxx counter when I was buying shoes. It was the only one left in the whole store and had stars, planets and spaceships on it. I just couldn’t leave it alone there.

Along with the Observer Dog, let’s see where this one will take me.

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