The Friday Evening


– So what is the purpose of this project?
– Just fun! I love checking out what people draw for me and hearing their stories.
– Ah, I thought there is a certain goal behind it. Like I was once in Seoul with my wife and some Korean guy asked us how to say ‘I love you’ in our language. He said he was going to propose to his girlfriend and he wants to make a video with love expressions in as many languages as possible. So we wrote it in Hindi on a cardboard and posed to the video with it. I totally forgot about it, and then 3 months later this guy sends me an email with the final video, and there is us in it and so many other people from so many other countries… It turned out awesome!
– Wow, most Korean people are quite shy to talk with strangers, especially in a foreign language. He must have been really brave.
– Yes, he’s put a lot of effort in his proposal. So I’m not surprised she said ‘Yes’!

Made by the rainbow crayon & Punit

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